Fashion, design and create a unique collection of fashionable women's clothing accompany us in our daily lives and are an integral part of our business. The highest attention is paid to the high quality fabrics, fashion design, as well as the possibility of any compilation of various items in the collection. 
Collections by FENDERR combine timeless elegance with current fashion trends they bring out the naturalness, subtlety and character of women. We create a world full of authentic women's emotions. 
The essence of our actions are unique collections of the city, yet elegant character. 
The hallmark of the collection FENDERR is sophisticated simplicity, modern classic, elegance and refinement in every detail. When designing we always remember that the woman, her personality comes first, and then the outfit. That is why our collections are deeply thought out, seemingly modest exude perfection of cut and noble fabrics. 
With the largest commitment we try to work on it to make FENDERR was associated and known primarily as a leader characterized by original designs, high quality materials and perfect finish. 
Elegance, minimalism and charm of timeless classics with a hint of rock fantasy - this is our motto, it FEDNERR ....